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Michael Dillard, Mr. Resilient, is a powerful speaker with Life-Touching Stories and Techniques that he shares with you to overcome adversity, navigate changes at work, develop your career, and increase your finances.

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Resilient Teams Speech:

During his presentation, Michael draws on his extensive global experience in overcoming workplace challenges to foster resilience. He shares insights gained from leading high-performing teams in various countries such as the United States of America, the Dominican Republic, Zambia, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa through uncertain times. His keynote provides valuable lessons and adaptable strategies, ensuring your team can cultivate resilience and succeed despite obstacles.

Living a Resilient Life:

This impactful message will transform how you handle setbacks in your career, life, and finances. Michael shares the techniques he used to overcome childhood poverty, career setbacks, and unemployment, ultimately leading to his career as a Foreign Service Officer (Diplomat). Gain invaluable knowledge, techniques, and tools to surmount obstacles and achieve personal and financial success today.

Embracing Change Speech:

In his presentation, Michael emphasizes the profound significance of change in our lives and motivates his audience to take charge and welcome it. He emphasizes that our attachment to the past delays our future progress. Michael firmly believes that embracing change can propel our careers and personal finances. This presentation serves as a stirring call to action for those seeking to make changes today for a brighter tomorrow.

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Rather than letting difficulties, traumatic events, or failure overwhelm and drain your resolve, Michael helps you change course, emotionally heal, and continue toward achieving your goals.


-Travis Miller