Most people struggle with Debt & Retirement Planning. I offer a customizable wealth plan, online tutorial, and coaching so that you will become FINANCIALLY FREE.  

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I'm Michael Dillard

After graduating with my MBA in Personal Finance, I was hit with thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Not exactly the way I expected to start my new career! But with smart financial decisions, reading about Warren Buffett, listening to personal finance gurus, and a little hard work, I discovered the five steps to Build Generational Wealth.

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you find financial freedom. As an ICF-certified ACC coach, I’ll show you how to put your money to work for you with smart financial decisions.

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"In the beginning, I was very cautious about investing. On a coaching call Michael, answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with investing. I've recommended his book and coaching sessions to my friends and family"

- Lucrecia

"Mr. Dillard is a financial and investment scholar. Thank you for setting my family up for a bright financial future"

- James

Build Generational Wealth Book

"Easy way to learn how to save money for the future. It’s told in a story form through different life situations that a very relatable!

- Darius

All The Tools You Need To Become Financially Savvy.

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Generational Wealth Course

Learn how to build generational wealth in 5 easy steps.

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Free Financial Education Videos

Watch personal finance videos for beginners to help you boost your savings and create financial security.


Build Generational Wealth Book

You can discover the 5 steps to Personal Finance written in a story format.


Public Speaking Events 

Middle Tennessee State University, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee Public Library, MTSU Student Development.


The Coaching Process

Takes You Through A Powerful Financial Transformation


1. Schedule a Call

We will talk about your financial goals and how you can become financially free.

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2. Develop your customized financial plan

We will develop a customized wealth plan based on your personal circumstances.

3. Become Financially FREE!

You will enjoy knowing that you have a plan, the information you need to build wealth, and the opportunity to become financially free sooner rather than later.


Build Generational Wealth

Take control of your financial future with this comprehensive course.

Build Generational Wealth Course

Stop living paycheck to paycheck with little to no money saved for your retirement.

Learn the basics of building generational wealth with this easy-to-follow course.

  1. You will learn the value of Income insurance, aka Life insurance.
  2. Receiving Free Retirement Money from your 401k/TSP.
  3. How to get out of debt.
  4. Learn how Tax savings with an IRA helps you build wealth.
  5. Learn how to teach your children to save money.

You deserve to become Financially Free Today!

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Build Generational Wealth Course plus 3 Coaching Sessions.

In addition to the Build Generational Wealth Course, You and I will meet virtually to develop your personalized wealth plan. I will discuss the 5 financial mistakes that prevent people from building generational wealth. Your customized wealth plan will include your 401K, IRA, and Life Insurance options.

You deserve to become Financially Free Today!


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